What’s the difference between Seachem Aquavitro Seed and Seachem Stability?

Seachem has two similar products if you want to add live beneficial bacteria to your fish tank. So, what are the main differences between the Aquavitro Seed and Stability? You can find out in this comparison guide at Aquarium Blueprints: Quick Summary While Seachem Stability should work quick when it comes to reducing ammonia, nitrites … Read more

Is Seachem Stability safe for axolotls, plants, shrimps, snails and turtles?

Seachem Stability is used to improve the water quality in your fish tank. So, is this product also safe to use on plants, shrimps, snails, turtles and other aquatic living creatures? You can find out in this guide from Aquarium Blueprints. Quick Summary Seachem Stability contains natural beneficial bacteria that will consume ammonia, nitrites and … Read more