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Does Seachem Stability remove chlorine?

You can use Seachem Stability in order to make your tank water safe for your fish and other aquatic pets to live in. So, can you use this product to remove chlorine?

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Quick Summary

Seachem Stability isn’t designed to remove chlorine in your tap water. Therefore, you will need to find another method.

To remove chlorine, you can use a water conditioner. You can also let the tap water sit in open air in order to let it gas off the chlorine over time.

Do not put tap water that still contain chlorine in your fish tank as you can end up harming the inhabitants. Chlorine will also kill the beneficial bacteria, including those added by Seachem Stability, in your aquarium.

Why you want to remove chlorine from your tank water?

If you don’t remove chlorine in your fish tank, then it may end up harming the inhabitants in your fish tank.

Furthermore, chlorine will also kill the beneficial bacteria colonies in the aquarium. You need these in order to control ammonia, nitrites and nitrate spikes.

For the uniformed, these nitrogen compounds come from the organic wastes in your tank. Ammonia and nitrites are extremely toxic when exposed in even small doses. While you have more leniency when it comes to nitrates, you should aim for a concentration of less than 40 ppm (or less than 20 ppm if your aquatic pets are more fragile).

If you are using tap water to fill your tank, then it may contain chlorine.

What does Seachem Stability add to your aquarium?

Seachem Stability contain beneficial bacteria that are in spore form. These colonies won’t be active until the moment you add the solution into your aquarium.

This product includes beneficial bacteria that will help consume ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. It should take around 24 hours for the newly added bacteria colonies to settle on the surface areas in your tank and start growing.

Will Seachem Stability remove chlorine?

Seachem Stability does not remove chlorine. Therefore, you need to find another way in order to get rid of this chemical compound of tap water before you add it in you fish tank.

As we stated above, Stability contains beneficial bacteria. If you exposed this solution to chlorine, then the chlorine will end up harming the bacterial colonies.

In order to remove chlorine, you can put the tap water in an open water container or bucket. Afterwards, you can simply let the chlorine be naturally be gassed off from the water, which can take up to 24 hours.

To speed up this chlorine removing process, you can boil the tap water and then let it cool down to an appropriate temperature before putting it in your fish tank.

The fastest way to get rid of chlorine from tap water is to use an aquarium water conditioner. We used Seachem Prime to remove the chlorine from tap water before adding Seachem Stability to our aquarium.

To see how you can use Prime together Stability, we recommend that you take a look at this tutorial.