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Does Seachem Stability have ammonia in it?

If you want to cycle your fish tank as soon as possible, then you can use something like Seachem Stability to add live bacteria to your water column. So, does this product come with any ammonia included?

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Quick Summary

The container holding the beneficial bacteria of Seachem Stability does not include any ammonia.

The bacteria are able to survive without ammonia as a food source as they are in a spore state; therefore, they don’t need to eat. Furthermore, Stability can withstand extremely temperatures and does not need to be refrigerated.

Because the product does not come with any ammonia, it won’t increase the current ammonia level in your tank. On the other hand, ammonia is needed if you want the newly introduced beneficial bacteria to survive and reproduce in your aquarium.

If you already have fish in your tank, then your pets should provide plenty of ammonia through organic wastes.

If you don’t have fish in your tank, then we recommend adding a pinch of fish food to easily provide some ammonia for the beneficial bacteria colonies of Seachem Stability to grow and populate all over your aquarium.

Does Stability have ammonia in it?

Seachem Stability does not come with any ammonia included inside the of the container.

This means that you won’t be raising the ammonia level in your tank water. On the other hand, it also means that your beneficial bacteria won’t have a food source to survive and grow in your aquarium.

How does beneficial bacteria survive without ammonia in the Seachem Stability container

According to Seachem, the beneficial bacteria inside the Stability container is able to survive without any ammonia as they are in spore form.

This also means that the bacteria are also able to survive in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, there is no need to refrigerate the container.

The beneficial bacteria will turn into its normal active state once the solution has been added to your fish tank as the extra water will dilute Stability.

Does Seachem Stability need ammonia?

If you already have an established aquarium with fish and/or other aquatic pets living inside of it, then you don’t need to add any ammonia. This is because your aquatic pets will produce organic wastes that will eventually decompose into ammonia.

If you are using Seachem Stability to cycle a brand-new tank without any living creatures, then you do need to add ammonia in your tank water. Otherwise, the beneficial bacteria introduced by the product will eventually die off due to the lack of food source.

In order to add ammonia in your tank, one of the easiest ways to do so is to add a pinch of fish food. The food will eventually decompose and convert to ammonia. You may also want to break the food into smaller pieces so that it dissolves more easily in the water column in your aquarium.

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