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Should you be concerned about the black or brown bits in Seachem Prime bottle?

When you look into the bottle or container of the Seachem Prime, you may see some black or brown colored specks at the bottom. So, should you be concerned about these? You can find out in this article from Aquarium Blueprints.

According to Seachem, the black or brown dots that you see at the bottom of the bottle should have no impact on the effectiveness of the water conditioner.

For the uninformed, Prime is a multipurpose product. In addition to removing chlorine and chloramine from your tap water, it will temporarily convert ammonia, nitrites and nitrates into non-toxic forms for up to 2 days. This solution can also be used to promote healthy slime coat production for your fish in addition to removing small traces of heavy metals.

Should you remove the black or brown specks in Seachem Prime bottle?

Since the black or brown bits have no impact to the functionality of Seachem Prime, there is no need to remove them.

If you still want to do so, then we recommend that you heavily shake the bottle or container, with the top tightly sealed, to get the bits waterborne. You can then add the recommended dosage amount over a fine mesh fish net and into the tank.

Hopefully, the net will be able to catch the specks so that they won’t get into the aquarium. Even if the bits do get in, they shouldn’t cause any harm to your fish and other aquatic pets.

We don’t recommend sticking any instruments directly into the Seachem Prime bottle or container as you could end up contaminating the solution. As a result, the water conditioner may loss its effectiveness and may even end up being toxic.

We also don’t recommend pouring all of the solution into the netting and then putting it back into the container as this may also lead to the product getting contaminated.


To summarize, you should not have to worry about the black or brown specs inside the Seachem Prime bottle. While you can remove these bits, it is a big hassle that isn’t worth the effort as they won’t alter the effectiveness of the water conditioner.