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How to add oxygen to your Red Cherry Shrimp tank

Like a vast majority of living creatures, Red Cherry Shrimps need oxygen to live. To see how you can increase the oxygen level in your tank, you can take a look at this guide from Aquarium Blueprints.

Before we start, it is important to note that, while the Neocaridina species require oxygen, they do not need much of it. If you see a majority of your shrimps constantly hanging out at the top of the aquarium, then that could be a sign of low oxygen levels.

In this case, you can try doing any of the following:

1. If you have a canister or hang-on-back power filter, then you can try adjusting the output flow to be above the water surface.

By doing so, you will create more agitation at the top of the water line, leading to more gas exchanges. As a result, your tank water will be better aerated.

2. You can also try increasing the flow rate of your canister or hang-on-back power filter.

With that said, Red Cherry Shrimps prefer a low flow rate, so you should make sure that the more powerful current isn’t hindering their ability to comfortably move throughout the tank.

3. Of course, you can add an air stone as well since it is designed to blow bubbles into the tank. The bubbles will make its way to the top of the water surface, promoting gas exchange that should lead to an increase in oxygen levels.

4. If you are able to do so, you can try increasing the air flow of the air stone. By doing so, you should be able to increase the agitation at the water surface as well.

5. You can also try adding live plants in your Red Cherry Shrimp tank.

Not only will these help keep your aquarium oxygenated, they will also help keep your tank water clean as they will help consume the ammonia and nitrates from the water column.

We used a combination of Java Fern and Java Moss in our 20-gallon shrimp tank. Along with a AQUANEAT Bio Sponge Filter, we don’t have to worry about having low oxygen levels.

To read more about this sponge filter product, you can check out our comprehensive review.