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Do Cherry Shrimps like Catappa Indian Almond Leaves?

If you are keeping Cherry Shrimps (which goes by the scientific name of Neocaridina davidi), then you may be wondering whether or not to add Catappa Indian Almond Leaves to the tank.

So, does this species enjoying these dried out leaves? You can find out in this article from Aquarium Blueprints.

Indirect Benefits

The Catappa Indian Almond Leaves you add to your shrimp tank will release tannins to the water column. These minerals should help your pet inverts stay healthy due to their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

You can also use these leaves to soften your tank water if it is too hard. For the uninformed, Neocaridina Shrimps prefer a pH range between 6.5 and 8.0. If you add a bunch of Catappas, then you should be able to lower the pH.

Catappa Indian Almond Leaves as a Food Source for Cherry Shrimps

As a Catappa Indian Almond Leaf starts to breakdown in your tank. Several microorganisms will start eating away at it. The Cherry Shrimps should then start picking away at these organisms until the skin completely decomposes and there is nothing left but the skeletal part.

From our experience, Cherry Shrimps won’t start picking at the leaf right away. Once the Catappa starts to break down, however, then you should see more activity.

With that said, our Cherry Shrimps definitely prefer more direct food sources than Catappa Indian Almond Leaves. Anytime we dropped a Shrimp King Complete pellet, for example, there tend to be a big swarm.

So, if you keep your pet inverts well fed, then you may not need to put these leaves in your tank if you want to use it as a food source.

With that said, we found that some of our Red Cherry Shrimps will pick at the Catappa Indian Almond Leaves in between meals even though we feed them a healthy amount daily. These leaves should also be a great way to keep your shrimps fed if you have to take a vacation for several days or even weeks.


By adding Catappa Indian Almond Leaves to a Cherry Shrimp Tank, you will be able adding anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements to the water column, keeping your pet inverts healthy.

These dried leaves can also be used as a backup food source as they are especially effective if you aren’t able to directly feed your pet shrimps for a few days or weeks.