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What are the best temperatures for breeding Red Cherry Shrimps?

Depending on the temperature of your tank water, you will have varying success when it comes to breeding and raising Red Cherry Shrimps. To find out what is the best temperature range for your pet inverts, you can take a look at this guide from Aquarium Blueprints.

Recommended breeding temperature range for Red Cherry Shrimps

For the best efficiency when it comes to reproduction, you should aim for a range between 68°F to 79°F (or 20°C to 26°C). Outside of this range, your Cherry Shrimps may have a harder time trying to breed.

Best temperature for getting more females

If you want to add more females to your current colony, then you should set the temperature to 68°F (or 20°C).

According to a scientific study from Research Gate, you will get an 80% female-to-male ratio at that colder range.

Female Red Cherry Shrimps are usually bigger and more colorful when compared to male counterparts. At lower temperatures, your population should also have a longer lifespan as well.

Best temperature for quickly breed Red Cherry Shrimps

If you want to breed your Red Cherry Shrimps as fast as possible, then you can try setting your tank water temperature to 79°F (or 26°C).

By doing so, your adolescents will mature at a faster rate, which means that you should be ready to breed quicker when compared to being kept in a colder climate. The survival rate for the newborns should also increase.

According to the same aforementioned study, however, the female-to-male ratio will drop to 20%. Not to mention that the warmer temperature will most likely lead to your adult shrimps dying sooner when compared to colder temps. So, this may not be the most optimal temperature for your colony in the long run.

Therefore, you may only want to consider temporarily increasing the temperature to 79°F (or 26°C) in order to expand the population of your tank colony before turning it back down.

Most balanced temperature for breeding Red Cherry Shrimps

If you want a balance between males and females for your colony, then the same study recommends that you set the temperature between 73°F to 74°F (or around 23°C). This should be good enough to achieve female-to-male ratio of 50%.

At this range, your baby Red Cherry Shrimps should have approximately the same survival rate as the warmer temperatures. Furthermore, the adults will most likely end up living longer when compared to a hotter climate.