Do you need a pre-filter sponge for your fish tank?

One of the modifications you can make to your hang on back filter, canister filter or sump is by adding a pre-filter sponge to the intake valve. So is it worth doing? This guide will list out some of the benefits, as well as some potential drawbacks, to using sponge pre-filters. Quick navigation: What is … Read more

Fluval 06 Series Canister Filters Review

If you are looking for a canister filter for your fish tank, then you will most likely run into the Fluval brand of products. Although the company has newer models available in the 07 Series, the 06 Series is still perfectly viable in the aquarium hobby. Below you can find our review of the Fluval … Read more

What fish tank filter is best suited for your aquarium?

Having a filter is important in your fish tank as it will keep your water clean and provide a healthy environment for your pet fish.  This guide will help you find the fish tank filter best suited for your aquarium. Quick Navigation: Filtration Types Box And Corner Filters Canister Filters Hang On Back And Power … Read more