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What’s the difference between Seachem Pristine and Stability?

When it comes to improving water quality, you can use either the Seachem Pristine or Seachem Stability. So, what are the main differences between these products?

You can find out in this versus guide from Aquarium Blueprints.

Quick Summary

Seachem Pristine and Seachem Stability add different types of beneficial bacteria to your fish tank.

With Pristine, you will get colonies that will consume organic wastes and keep your water clear, leading to a reduction of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates from being produced.

On the other hand, the bacteria colonies from Stability will directly consume the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates present in your tank water.

So, if you want a clean tank to go along with a reduction of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, then we recommend getting the Seachem Pristine.

If you want get rid of as much of the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in your tank as soon as possible, then the Seachem Stability is the better product as it is designed to remove these toxic compounds from your aquarium.

If you want to use both at the same time, then you can check out this Seachem Pristine and Seachem Stability usage guide.


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Available Bottle Sizes

When it comes to bottle sizes, Seachem Stability is the only one out of these two products to come in a 50 mL bottle. Otherwise, the packaging sizes for both are identical.

You can find the available bottle sizes below:

Seachem Pristine:

  • 100 mL
  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 1 L
  • 2 L
  • 4 L

Seachem Stability

  • 50 mL
  • 100 mL
  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 1 L
  • 2 L
  • 4 L

Supported Tank Water

Both Pristine and Stability can be used on freshwater, brackish water and saltwater aquariums.

Expiration Date

These Seachem products have a shelf life that is set to 4 years from date of manufacture.

Main Benefits

The Seachem Pristine is made up of a mixture bacteria that will rapidly consume any uneaten food, detritus and other organic wastes. As a result, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels will be reduced. These bacteria will also build biopolymers that will end up trapping small particles flowing around in your aquarium.

The aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria mix from Seachem Stability will directly consume ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your aquarium.

Dosage Instructions

When it comes to the dosage instructions, your first dose of Seachem Pristine should be 5 mL for every 10 gallons or 40 liters.

You can then add 2.5 mL of Pristine per every 10 gallons or 40 liters any time after you add additional livestock to your tank, add antibiotic medicine or any other scenarios where the biological filtration gets disrupted.

With Seachem Stability, you should dose 5 mL for every 10 gallons or 40 liters for the first day of trying to cycle a new aquarium with biological filtration. Over the next 7 days, you need to add 2.5 mL of Stability for every 10 gallons or 40 liters.

Afterwards, you can continue to add 2.5 mL of Stability for every 10 gallons or 40 liters any time after a water change, adding new livestock, dosing antibiotic medicine as well as other circumstances that result in a disrupted biological filtration.

Before dosing either of these products, Seachem recommends turning off any UV and/or ozone equipment so that they won’t hinder the growth of the newly added beneficial bacteria colonies.

You can then turn back on your UV and/or ozone equipment after three days after the initial dosage for Pristine as the bacteria should be able to established themselves by that time period.

For Seachem Stability, you should wait for a week after the first dose if you are cycling a new tank. If your tank is already cycled, then we recommend waiting three days before turning back on your UV and/or ozone equipment when even you add a dose of Stability.

You should also be vary of antibiotic medicine when using these products. To fully remove medicine from your tank, Seachem recommend water changes and using carbon filter media.