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What do baby Cherry Shrimps eat?

If you keep male and female Cherry Shrimps together in the same fish tank, then you will likely see baby shrimps roaming around in no time. So, what food do these newborns like to eat? You can find out in this article from Aquarium Blueprints?

What food can you feed baby Cherry Shrimps?

When it comes to feeding your baby shrimps, they should accept the same type of food you have been feeding to the adult size shrimps.

For the uninformed, Cherry Shrimps, otherwise known as the Neocaridina, need a balanced diet of protein and minerals. They should do fine with regular fish food. Shrimps of all sizes will also feed on algae and biofilm.

With that said, we find the food made to cater to pet shrimps works the best if you want your colony to be healthy and expand in population.

We have great success with feeding our babies and adults the Shrimp King Complete. You can learn more about the product with this review.

How to feed food to your baby shrimps

When feeding food to your baby shrimps, we recommend that you spread it all around the tank. This is due to the fact that the babies will mostly stay in the same location when they hatch. Not to mention that the bigger shrimps often out-compete the smaller ones for food.

So, by spreading the food around, you will give a better chance for the younger generation to eat.

Why you should use Bacter AE to for feeding Cherry Shrimp babies

A crucial product we highly recommend using to feed your baby shrimps is Bacter AE. As we stated above, the adolescents will be able to feed off of the biofilm in your tank.

For the uninformed, biofilm will naturally grow on all surfaces in your fish tank. These films are made of bacteria that your baby shrimps would love to consume. With that said, you may not have enough biofilm in your aquarium in order to properly feed the babies.

This is where Bacter AE comes in. The water additive product is made of a white powder that contains bacteria that will become active once it makes contact with water. The same powder also includes ingredients that help biofilm grow all over your tank quickly.

We previously had trouble keeping our Cherry Shrimps alive, getting them to breed and raising the babies to adulthood. Once we start using Bacter AE, out fortunes started to turn around.

To find out more information about this water additive product, you can take a look at our review with this link.


Baby Cherry Shrimps will eat the same food as the bigger sized shrimps. We have great success feeding out newborns a combination of Bacter AE and Shrimp King Complete.

For Shrimp King Complete, or any other food you have been feeding to your pet inverts, we recommend spreading the food all over the tank; otherwise, your bigger shrimps will outcompete the smaller ones.

Bacter AE works best for us as it will help grow biofilm all over your tank, which will provide plenty of food for the newborns without them having to move around.