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Is the Teemo Unicorn Bubbler worth buying?

If you are looking for an air stone, you might have run into the Teemo Unicorn Bubbler, which immediately stands out from the rest of the bubbler makers, when doing your research. So is this cute looking decoration/bubbler worth buying?

You can find out in this review at Aquarium Blueprints.


You can check out the current price of the product on Amazon with the following link:


The unicorn bubbler measures at around 2.5 inches in length, 2.7 inches in width and 4.7 inches in height.


The decor weighs in at 0.44 pounds. Thus, it should easily sink to the bottom of your aquarium.



Perhaps the most important feature with the TEEMO Aquarium Decor Cute Unicorn Air Bubbler is that it is made resin, a material which is completely safe for aquarium use as it won’t harm your fish. The pale white skin, pink hoofs and colorful horseback hair (or, in this case, unicornback hair) should not fade in the fish tank water.

Air Bubbler

The unicorn can also be used as an aquarium bubbler. By attaching an airline on the bottom side of the decor, small air bubblers will start coming out of the blue air stone located at the head of the unicorn (just behind its silver horn).

Suction Cups

The ornament also comes with three suction cups. You can use these to attach the unicorn to the glass or acrylic panel of your fish tank. The suction cups are useful if you have a bare bottom aquarium with no substrate and/or have nothing to keep the decor in place.


What we loved most about the Teemo Unicorn Bubbler is how cute it looks. The colors (blue, yellow, purple, pink and white) really mesh well together and the decor should fit right in visually with most aquarium setups.

By putting in this decor into your tank, you are also adding surface area for nitrifying bacteria to grow. These colonies are important if you want to keep your fish healthy as the bacteria will convert ammonia to nitrite and then nitrite to nitrate. Both ammonia and nitrites are deadly to fish. So any added objects, that are aquarium-safe, will only help with the water quality.

Last but not least, the bubbler itself also provide a lot of benefits to your fish tank. One of which is that the small bubbles will increase the gas exchange that occur at the water of the aquarium. As a result, you will be able to add more oxygen in your fish tank for your fish and beneficial bacteria to consume. You can check out the other benefits of having a bubbler in this guide.


In order to take advantage of the bubbler of the unicorn, you need an air pump and some airline tubing, both of which are sold separately. If you already have the equipment already, then this isn’t really issue. If you don’t have the necessary tools, however, then you have to spend more than originally thought to get the most out of the Teemo Unicorn Bubbler.

If you are looking for an air pump, we recommend getting the Tetra Whisper. If you don’t have any tubing, then you should take a look at the Penn Plax Airline Tubing. You can find both on Amazon with the following links:

Another issue we have with this product is that the blue air stone, as well as the airline tubing that protrudes out of the unicorn, kind of stick out when compared to the rest of the decor. So you may want to mess around with the viewing angle to block off the airline and some of the air stone if you don’t like how the decor looks.


Overall, we think that the Teemo Unicorn Bubbler should look great from a visual standpoint in a vast majority of aquarium setups.

The ornament will also provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow.

Although you can also use the unicorn as a bubbler, which provides a lot of benefits such as adding more oxygen, you need an air pump and some airline to get it to make bubbles.