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How to clean the AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter 

The AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter will provide biological and mechanical filtration for your fish tank. In order to keep this product working efficiently, you need to clean it occasionally so that the sponge won’t get too clogged up.

To find out how you can properly clean the AQUANEAT Sponge Filter, you can follow the steps laid out in this article from Aquarium Blueprints.

1. To start off, unplug the airline from the inlet of the sponge filter.

If you have the clear plastic cylinder installed on top, then you need to remove it first in order to unplug the airline tubing.

While you don’t have to turn off or unplug the air pump from the power outlet, you should make sure that the opening of the airline tubing is pointed downwards when unplugged. Otherwise, you may end up getting water in your air pump, which may cause the device to malfunction.

2. Next, we recommend filling a bucket or container with tank water.

We recommend using water from your aquarium to clean to the sponge filter in order to prevent any major loss of beneficial bacteria. Not to mention that you can save on your water bill as you don’t have to use tap water to do the cleaning.

Make sure that there is enough water in the bucket or container to fully submerged the AQUANEAT product.

3. Afterwards, remove the sponge filter from your aquarium and then place it in the aforementioned water bucket or container.

4. The clear plastic cylinder on the top of the filter, as well as the bottom base, can be removed. If you want to clean these pieces as well, then make sure you detach them first.

5. To clean the sponge, simply squeeze the sponge tightly multiple times as doing so will release a lot of debris into the water bucket or container.

If the water gets too dirty, then you can throw it away and then add more fish tank water to continue with the cleaning. Keep repeating this process until you are satisfied.

6. To clean the clear plastic cylinder and the bottom base, you can use a finger or a clean wipe to remove any build up.

7. Once you are done, reattach the bottom base to the sponge filter if you previously removed this part. Otherwise, the product may end up floating in your tank.

8. You then need to thread the airline tubing through the clear plastic cylinder and then plug it back into the inlet of the filter.

9. Next, reattach the clear plastic cylinder to the top of the sponge.

10. Finally, put the AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter back into your fish tank.

We recommend cleaning the sponge every time you do a water change as this process should only add a few extra minutes to your routine. With the occasional cleaning, this product should keep your tank mechanically and biologically filtered from many years.