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Fluval FX2 canister filter replacement parts guide

If there is an issue with your Fluval FX2 canister filter, then you can try replacing the troublesome parts instead of the entire product. You can check out this guide from Aquarium Blueprints to see how you can identify the correct replacements that you should be getting.

Most of the parts in the Fluval FX2 can be replaced, including the Magnetic Impeller Assembly, which tends to wear and tear over time.

It is important to note that while some FX2 parts will also work with the Fluval FX4 and Fluval FX6, others are only compatible with the FX2.

You can find the replacements, as well as the item number in parenthesis if applicable, below:

  • Ribbed Hosing (A20236)
  • Rim Connector and Clips (A20230)
  • Rim Connector Suction Cups (A20232)
  • Intake Stem (A20225)
  • Rubber Connector (A20228)
  • Strainer Suction Cup (A15041)
  • Strainer (A20221)
  • Nozzle Output Assembly (A20227)
  • Metal Clamp for Hosing (A20234)
  • AquaStop Valves (A20216)
  • Top Cover Click-Fit O-Ring (A20212)
  • Filter Lid O-Ring (A20213)
  • FX2 Lid Fasteners (A20215)
  • FX2 Filter Canister (No Item Number)
  • T-Bar Handles (A20242)
  • FX2 Utility Valve (No Item Number)
  • Magnetic Impeller Assembly (A20208)
  • Motor Seal Ring (A20211)
  • FX2 Utility Valve Hosing (No Item Number)
  • FX2 Drain Cap (No Item Number)
  • Motor Pump Unit and Power Cord (A20199)
  • Rubber Feet (A20121)
  • Media Baskets (A20244)
  • Half Media Baskets (A20243)
  • FX2 Filter Lid (No Item Number)
  • Bio-Foam (A227)
  • Bio-Foam+ (A239)
  • BIOMAX Ceramic Rings (A1456)
  • Carbon Pad (A249)
  • Media Bags (A1428)

If you need a visual guide for the aforementioned replacements, then you can check out the fifth and sixth pages of the product manual. If you can’t find the physical manual that came included with the Fluval FX2 packaging, then you can download the digital PDF guide.

To see how often you should be replacing the aforementioned Magnetic Impeller Assembly, in addition to the Bio-Foam, Bio-Foam+, BIOMAX Ceramic Rings and Carbon Pad filter medias, you can check out our opinion piece.