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Catfishtown Review

Catfishtown is an online business that sell live fish, mainly specializing in Corydroas and Plecostomus. So should you buy from this retailer?

You find our experience with Catfishtown in this review at Aquarium Blueprints.


Catfishtown can be found at catfishtown.com. They also have an eBay store, which you can check out with this link.

Stock Selection

Catfishtown currently has a limited selection of live fish. The stock includes Albino Cory Cats, Black Corydoras, Bristlenose Pleco and Calico Bushynose Plecos.

Shipping Policy

Catfishtown will only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays and will delay shipment due to holidays or less than ideal weather conditions. Although they stated that they may decline orders from the West Coast in the U.S., they have no problems shipping to our house in San Francisco. Last but not least, the retailer may also suggest post office pick up in extreme weather conditions.

While their shipping policy may seem to be extremely strict, you should keep in mind that they are shipping out live animals. So it is in the best interests of both you, their customer, as well as the health of the fish, to ship out during optimal conditions.

Packaging Policy

The retailer double bagged their outgoing fish with mil poly bags. The fish are put in cycled water and will have access to pure oxygen during transportation. The company will also include heat or cold packs depending on the weather condition (our package came with a heat pack).

Live Arrival Guarantee

Catfishtown guarantees live arrivals for their fish as long as the package is delivered within the time frame set by the shipping company. The retailer will also send extras in case there deaths that occur during transport.

If your entire order is dead on arrival and you want to get the guarantee, you first have to send 2 clear pictures of the unopened bag within 1 hour of the package being delivered on your doorsteps. The bag must be unopened or their policy will be void. Once Catfishtown verify the original set of pictures, they will then request two more pictures of the fish laying belly up from a bowl of water.

After that, they will either replace your order at no additional costs to you or refund your order (minus the shipping cost).

Satisfaction Guarantee

Catfishtown also offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can try contacting them over the phone at (800) 607-3930.

Our Experience with Catfishtown

We ordered a pack of 15 Pack of Albino Cory Cats from Catfishtown’s eBay store and ended up getting a few more thanks to the Live Arrival Guarantee. All of the fish arrived healthy and active after acclimation. They came tightly packed in a Styrofoam box with a heat pack. After raising them for several months, the Corydoras show no signs of illness and even spawned several times.

We also loved how detailed their product pages are as the listings basically provide a care guide for the fish you are buying from the shopping website. You will learn about the ideal tank size, water parameters, tank mates and food selections.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our purchase of 15 Pack of Albino Cory Cats. If you are interested in getting Albino Cory Cats, Black Corydoras, Bristlenose Pleco and/or Calico Bushynose Plecos through an online store, then we recommend checking out Catfishtown.com.