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Can you use Seachem Prime daily?

Seachem Prime is a water conditioner that will make your aquarium safe for fish to live in. So, can you use this product every single day?

You can find out in this Aquarium Blueprints article.

Quick Summary

Seachem Prime can be used daily as long as you don’t exceed adding 25 mL for every 50 gallons or 200 liters of tank water over a 48-hour period.

Adding Prime every day is helpful if you have an uncycled fish tank or notice any ammonia/nitrites spikes. By using this solution, you should be able to detoxify ammonia and nitrites in your tank water, which should keep your fish safe and help strengthen your biological filtration.

What are the benefits of Seachem Prime?

The number one job of Seachem Prime is to remove chlorine and chloramine from the tap water. Otherwise, these two chemical compounds would end up harming your fish as well as the biological filtration.

Prime will also help convert ammonia, nitrites and nitrates into a non-toxic form for up to 48 hours. Ammonia and nitrites are extremely toxic to your aquatic pets. Nitrates can also cause health issues if you let it build up overtime in your tank waters.

The other benefits of this water conditioner include being able to remove small traces of heavy metal as well as promoting healthy slime coat production.

Can you use Seachem Prime every day?

According to Seachem, Prime will stay in active in the water column of your tank for up to 48 hours before fully dissipating.

You are also able to safely overdose your tank by up to five times the recommended amount. In the newer bottles, the suggested dosage is 5 mL, which is a capful, of Prime for every 50 gallons or 200 liters of tank water.

Therefore, you should be completely safe to be able to dose Prime every 24 hours as the previous dose will dissipate on its own. If you are careful, you can even dose the solution multiple times a day as long as you don’t exceed 5 times the recommended concentration (which is 25 mL for every 50 gallons or 200 liters of tank water).

If you managed to overdose your tank with this product, you can take a look at this troubleshooting article to see how you can make your aquarium safe again for your fish and other aquatic pets.

Why you need to use Seachem Prime daily

The main reason that you may want to dose Prime daily is due to a tank that either hasn’t been fully cycled or got its cycled disrupted. In both of these scenarios, ammonia and nitrites will be present in your tank waters.

By using Prime, ammonia and nitrites will be converted over to non-toxic forms. This will keep your fish safe while also helping build up your biological filtration as your beneficial bacteria will still be able to consume the non-toxic forms of both compounds.

Over time, the biological filtration inside your aquarium will be fully cycled as the beneficial bacteria colonies will grow big enough to be able to constantly keep ammonia and nitrite levels at 0 ppm.