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Best Groot Air Bubblers

Groot Air Bubblers are some of the most popular aquarium decorations available. So which of these are the best? You can find out below.

Who is Groot?

Groot is a tree monster from outer space. Although he originally appeared in Annihilation: Conquest, he is best known for being a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic series. Of course, the comics turned into the popular Guardians of the Galaxy (released in 2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (released in 2017) movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Air Bubbler Benefits

An air bubbler (or air stone) provide some major benefits to the health of your tank water. The biggest of which is that it increase surface agitation, which will lead to more oxygen being added to your aquarium. Both your fish, as well as the beneficial bacteria needed to break down fish wastes, need oxygen to live and thrive.

A bubbler will also improved water movement, helping to keep the water in your fish tank more stable with less temperature fluctuations in addition to as well as better dilution of harmful toxins such as ammonia and nitrite.

You can check out some other benefits in our air stone guide.

Top Choice: TEEMO Aquarium Baby Groot Air Bubbler

The best Baby Groot Air Bubbler is from the TEEMO brand. The product stands at an impressive 6.3 inches tall, which is taller than the other alternatives. The product is made of PVC and resin, so it won’t easily break or wear down in your fish tank. If you are interested, you can purchase with the following link on Amazon:

Best Value: Sivene Baby Groot Aquarium Air Bubblers

The more affordable options available if you are looking for a Baby Groot Air Bubbler is from the Sivene brand. There are two versions that you can buy are Baby Groot with Chick and Baby Groot with Flower. Both stand at 4.4 inches tall. If you want more than one Groot, then the pair look great together in a fish tank. If you are interested, you can buy with the following links:

Another Great Choice: SLOCME Baby Groot Aquarium Air Bubblers

SLOCME brand is also another great brand if you are looking for Baby Groot Air Bubblers. There are also two styles available as both stand at 4.7 inches tall. If you are interested, you can purchase with the following links from Amazon:

Best Choice for Teen Groot: Sivene Aquarium Teenage Groot Air Bubblers

Sivene also has air bubblers featuring the Teenage Groot. You have two choices, both of which are about 5 inches in height. You can buy them, if you are interested, with the following links on Amazon:

Air Pump and Airline Tubing

Of course, the aforementioned air bubblers won’t work on their own. You will need an air pump and airline tubing in order for the Groots to produce bobbles out of their heads.

We recommend using the Tetra Whisper Air Pump. If you want to get multiple bubblers, then you should get the Tetra Whisper 60 as it comes with two airline outlets as well as a T-shaped connector. Thus, you should be able to power three air bubblers at the same time.

For tubing, you should get the Penn Plax Airline Tubing as it is relatively affordable. If you want to use more than three bubblers, then you can get more T-shaped connectors from the Pawfly Aquarium Air Valve Connectors Bundle.

You can purchase all three products on Amazon with the following links:

How to set up Baby Groot/Teen Groot Air Bubblers

The setup process should be very easy. We provided a step by step guide below:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the Baby Groot/Teen Groot Air Bubbler with tap water. This process will prevent dust particles and other containments from getting into your aquarium and potentially harming your fish.
  1. Place the Groot in your fish tank. We recommend trying multiple locations and angles so see which one provides the best look. You should also think about where to hide the airline in the process.
  1. Make sure you have enough airline tubing to connect the Groot air bubbler to the Tetra Whisper or whichever air pump you are using. We recommend starting with as long of a tubing as possible as you can easily use a scissor and cut down the length if necessary.
  1. Take the Groot bubbler out of the tank and then connect the airline tubing to the Groot. The connector can be easily spotted as it protrudes out of the backside of the decor.
  1. Place the Groot back into your desired location. Connect the other end of the airline tubing (you can cut off any excess length in the process) to your air pump. If you are using multiple air bubblers, then you may want to connect to a T-shaped connector first so that you have another outlet to connect the other bubbler.
  1. Connect your air pump to the power outlet and then turn it on.

If done correctly, bubbles will begin to burst out of the head of your Groot ornament.


We find the TEEMO Aquarium Baby Groot Air Bubbler to be the best when compared to the others. If you are looking for a good value, then you can check out either the Sivene Baby Groot with Chick or

Sivene Baby Groot with Flower. If you are looking for a Teenage Groot bubbler, then you should take a look at the Sivene Teen Groot Air Bubblers.

You may also need additional equipment if you don’t already have an air pump and/or some airline tubing. We recommend getting the Tetra Whisper Air Pump 60 and Penn Plax Airline Tubing. If you have more than 3 bubblers, then you may want to get the Pawfly Aquarium Air Valve Connectors Bundle as well.

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