Do you need to cover the top of your fish tank?

So do you actually need a cover the top of your aquarium? Having a cover has several major advantages that make fish keeping much easier. Aquarium Top Cover Benefits Perhaps the most important of which is that a top will prevent fish and other aquatic life (such as snails and shrimps) from jumping and/or escaping … Read more

Is Seachem Flourish any good?

If you are planning to grow live plants in your fish tank, there may be a chance that you run out of nutrients over time. To compensate, a lot of fish keepers like to use a supplement, such as the best selling Seachem Flourish Comprehensive Supplement for the Planted Aquarium. You can find our experience … Read more

How to cycle your fish tank quickly

Before adding any fish and/or aquatic life to your fish tank, it is essential that you build up beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. Without doing so, your fish will quickly die off. This guide at Aquarium Blueprints will help you “cycle” your fish tank with beneficial bacteria. Quick Navigation: What is the Nitrogen Cycle? How … Read more

Is Seachem Prime any good?

If you are looking for a water conditioner to treat your new water before it goes into your fish tank, you will most likely come across Seachem Prime in your research. You can check out Aquarium Blueprints’ review of the best selling aquarium water conditioner below. Quick Navigation: Pricing and Size Options Does Seachem Prime … Read more

Do you need a background for your fish tank?

Although a background for your aquarium is entirely optional, there are a few benefits. This guide at Aquarium Blueprints will list out these positives as well as help you select the best type. Quick Navigation: Visual benefits of a fish tank background Aquarium backdrop benefits for your fish Interval vs. external backgrounds Black vs. dark … Read more

Do you need a heater for your fish tank?

If you are planning to have tropical fish in your tank, then it is very important that you keep your waters at the right temperature. Below is Aquarium Blueprints’ guide that teach you what you need to know when it comes to heating your aquarium. Quick Navigation: What determines the temperature in your fish tank?  … Read more

How high should the water level be in your fish tank?

Just because you bought a 55 gallon tank, doesn’t mean that you have to completely fill it with water. In fact, filling your aquarium to the brim can cause more harm than good. Benefits of loading your tank with water all the way to the top The main benefit of filling your fish tank all … Read more