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9 aquarium YouTube channels you should follow

YouTube has plenty of good fish keeping channels to follow and possibly subscribe to. With that said, not everyone has the time to watch a nearly endless amount of fish tank videos posted there. So what are the best aquarium Youtubers to follow? You can find our favorites below.

Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium Co-Op is kind of an all-in-on channel for fish keepers. It contains video guides, fish store visits, fish room tours, fishing expeditions and more. Cory McElroy, the owner of Aquarium Co-Op, provides a small business point-of-view to a lot of topics on fish as well as the aquarium industry. He also communicates with companies making aquarium products and often has inside knowledge about what is going on with the commerce side in the industry. Overall, we find him extremely knowledgeable and honest even though he is using the channel to sell his products and grow his company’s brand.

The best part of this channel is that they do a lot of interaction with the community. Cory frequently hosts two hour live streams that not only go in-depth on certain fish keeping topics, but will also answer questions from watchers.

Some of the videos are also beautifully shot, which is quite an accomplishment as taking videos of fish is extremely difficult. This is thanks to the videographer and editor, Jimmy, who also has aquarium channel worth checking out at Swhiskey.

Prime Time Aquatics

A relatively new channel, Prime Time Aquatics focuses mainly on Cichlids, which you don’t normal see in the hobby. Our favorite fish they regularly showcased are the shell dwellers, such as the Neolamprologus Multifasciatus.

The main presenter of the channel is Jason, who is extremely educated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Chemical Science along with Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture and Fish Health. Needless to say, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the hobby.

Because of his background, he does an excellent job at explaining some of the more complicated subjects such as the Nitrogen Cycle in layman’s terms.

The King of DIY

The King of DIY is known for his quick-to-the-point do-it-yourself videos. The owner of the channel, Joey Mullen, has made a bunch of tutorials on building fish tank stands, filters, sumps and even sand waterfalls. If you are interested in making your own aquarium equipment, then we highly recommend checking out his videos.

As of 2020, Joey Mullen has become more of a video blogger as opposed to being more of an educational channel. With that said, his new releases are still enjoyable as he is constantly showing off his new tank builds as well as provide some insights on some of the more uncommon fish in the aquarium hobby.

LRB Aquatics

Lucas Bretz has 7 rooms filled with tanks containing many fish and plant species. Despite having to take care of so many aquariums, Luca is one of the most chill fish keeping YouTubers. Similar to Aquarium Co-Op, he also regularly live streams and will answer questions from his followers.

What we liked best about his channel is that he uses very little to no filtration on most of his aquariums. Instead, he rely on symbiotic relationships of the fish, plants and other aquatic life to keep his water quality pristine.

Rachel O’Leary

Another laid back YouTubers we recommend checking out is Rachel O’Leary, who mostly specializes in small nano fish, especially some of the rarer varieties that aren’t very common in the hobby. We found her species profile videos the most informative when compared to other aquarium YouTubers. If you are interested in breeding fish, her breeding guides are also very educational.

The only real issue we have is that the audio quality is quite low in the older videos. Fortunately, she has updated to better audio in her newer videos.

Ohio Fish Rescue

Ohio Fish Rescue is a non-profit organization that take in unwanted fish, usually those that have gotten too big for the original owners to handle. As a result, they deal a lot with uncommon fish, which requires enormous aquariums, that you won’t normally find in fish stores and fish rooms.

They often go through great lengths when it comes to acquiring the fish as well as getting the gigantic aquariums needed to house them. Despite the huge tasks of keeping the organization running, the hosts are actually pretty laid back.

So we recommend following the channel, especially, if you are into the bigger fish species in the hobby.

Foo the Flowerhorn

Foo the Flowerhorn is a popular aquarium channel that focuses on low tech planted nano tanks. The channel owner is able to grow and maintain a lot of stellar looking tanks even though he isn’t using any carbon dioxide or fertilizers. Of course, the channel will also show off videos of the unique looking Flowerhorn fish species.

All of the videos are also pleasantly shot and has calming music. If you looking for some inspiration when it comes to low tech planted tanks and/or want some relaxing aquarium-related videos to watch, then you should subscribe to Foo the Flowerhorn.


AQUAPROS is another great channel if you are interested in planted fish tanks. Unlike Foo the Flowerhorn, the aquariums in this channel is more high tech as they normally use carbon dioxide injections. As a result, you get to see a lot of beautiful underwater living spaces created. AQUAPROS also has a lot of informational content, tutorial videos and other do-it-yourself projects such as an outdoor pond.

The owner of the channel, Mike, has a Master of Science in Microbiology. So he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to this hoppy.

Flip Aquatics

If you are into freshwater shrimp, then we also recommend taking a look at Flip Aquatics. The channel focuses on both the Caridina and Neocaridina species. It also doubles as video blog for a small company that specializes in selling the aforementioned shrimps. Seeing them setup and maintain a business is pretty entertaining, especially if you are thinking about selling aquatic life at some point in the future.

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So, if you are interested in keeping and/or selling Caridina and Neocaridina freshwater shrimps, then you might want to subscribe to the Flip Aquatics channel.

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